So Far So Goude

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Med text av Jean-Paul Goude.
I samarbete med Patrick Mauri.
En DVD medföljer boken.
Thames & Hudson, 2005. 360 sidor, över 350 färgfotografier. 240 x 290 mm. Engelsk.
ISBN 978-0-500-512401
Kampanjpris 365 kr / ordinarie pris 530 kr / £39.95

Den multibegåvade designern Jean-Paul Goude (f.1940) - verksam inom mode, media, bildskapande och liveframträdanden har lagt världen för sina fötter under mer än trettio år. Han stajlade Grace Jones, skapade legendariska kampanjer för Perrier, Kodak och Chanel, och arrangerade den stora paraden för the French Revolution Bicentennial. I sin monografi berättar han historien om sin karriär i ett överflöd av bilder och spirituella kommentarer.

Jean-Paul Goude has triumphantly captured, time after time, the spirit of his age. A true publishing event - Goude has previously published only one book, now long out of print - this magnificent publication has been conceived and designed by the artist himself, and includes hundreds of little-known photographs and previously unseen drawings.

For more than thirty years, through drawing, poster design, photography, cinema, video and event design, Jean-Paul Goude has made an impression, in every sense, on our imagination - from the fops of the '60s to the legendary Esquire magazine of the following decade, from the New York of Andy Warhol and mixed cultures, to Grace Jones, for whom he was Pygmalion, from the spectacular Bicentennial Parade in Paris in 1989 to the celebration of 'Style Beur' (Arab Style), from ads for Kodak and Chanel to working with the latest supermodels.

This 'made to order' work is merely the flipside of Goude's profoundly individual adventure, a journey (marked in particular by his celebration of a number of remarkable women) transformed into a sort of personal mythology. Life and work for Goude are inextricably linked, and this gives his work a particularly personal cachet, and lifts it above mere images. It is this crossover is revealed here for the first time.

Looking at different episodes in his life, returning to his encounters, passions, moments of disillusionment, drive and discovery, Goude traces the whole of his journey and all the stages of his working life, one of the most exceptional in recent decades.

A DVD, also devised by Goude using his work in film and from various theatrical events he has staged, accompanies the book.